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May 2009



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May. 27th, 2009

update. . .

so, i haven't been able to post since school let out on the 13th... life has been crazy. not to mention the boyfriend is leery of the internet because he can't control me when i'm on it. ugh! anyway, we will be moving on either friday or monday...all we need is a car(we are working on it...we have a few good possibilities). i got my hair cut-no more dreads but nice natural-colored hair=) it is very short and the boyfriend hates it. kinda hurt my feelings a little...*sigh*

May. 11th, 2009

Every Day Has Good and Bad Moments

today is no exception.
*good: i got way more money for selling my books back than i thought i would. i can pay the bills now!
*bad: i got chewed out in a community for peircing advice people didn't like. i think it is totally fine to switch an infected nostril from a thin stud thats getting sucked in to a surgical steel ring thats a bit thicker. best not dwell on haters tho. i already quit the group. not because i got called out, but because it was in such a negative way. so not groovy,
*good: someone gave me a free guitar. they had new strings and repairs done too, just for me. i was in a play with the kind lady who is giving it to me, and she is the provost at my school, but other than that she is a stranger. i have renewed faith in humanity now:)

Finals Day #1

so, i am waiting around in the library until the bookstore opens the textbook buyback window an 12:30p. i am trying not to go bum a smoke off of someone, since that is exactly the opposite of quitting but it's really freakin hard! i also like being able the breathe properly! hiking is no fun if you have to stop every 10 minutes to smoke or catch your breath. plus, if i am eliminating other chemicals from my diet and body care products, smoking negates that! UGH!
anyway, other than that i feel really good today. i really like the way i look and my hair now(finally! i was starting to wonder about that!). i also got a letter from the IRS that said i made a mistake on my taxes and i will be getting a substantially larger refund, so i am excited for that. and my mom and little sister will be back from alaska for the summer in less than a week so i am super excited. i missed them so much and i am going to soak up all i can of them before i move. even if it means delaying moving for a week or so. family is far more important then money(duh).

May. 9th, 2009


i did my dreads last nite. since i have very little hair i only have 9 and they are fatties. my hair naturally parted itself and it looks sweet. also, its the first time i have started dreads and woken up the next morning to find them all still there! yay. i am going to post in get_up_dread_up when i take a few pictures! i also changed my nostril ring from a stud to a thicker ring and my septum to a tiny capture ring. i love the way it looks!
anyway, im in a good mood today, despite the fact that i am at my dad's because we ran out of coffee, and i just found out my grandma's in the hospital. im not really concerned becaue even though i love her, we are not that close and she is 90-i've been prepared for something like this for quite a while now. i am the kind of person who would rather see her grandma go before she loses her independance and has to live in a nursing home.

May. 8th, 2009


basically i am sitting in a computer lab at school on the last day of real classes before finals week. the internet is slower than fema when there really is a disaster and i have to pee super bad. i didn't go to math and i am not going to envirmental science. instead im going home to play with my piercings and possible dread my hair to see what it would look like=) i just saw the cutest spider on the wall but he evaded my phone camera=( sad, he was so tiny and black i wanted to pick him up!
anyway, i am thinking of going vegetarian this summer, as we will have the resources and restaurants/grocery stores to do so. i have been feeling sluggish and i think it is because of my diet.
wow, i am totally rambling!
anyway, i am super chill and in a good mood even though it is totally cold outside...

May. 4th, 2009


i am so excited to go camping all summer. i only have a week and a half before we can start packing. i could just pee!

May. 1st, 2009


Are insane. Presentations and papers galore. And to top it off, we are out of coffee and black tea. There is seriously no caffiene in my house and i am so beyond broke. Not to mention a started smoking again(i know, its terrible) and i have zero smogerettes. I am writing this right now while i print off a presentation i am doing today. i have like 5 minutes to get to class. Ugh! I only hope that adrenaline can get me through today!

Apr. 28th, 2009


Why Japan will be the only culture left after the apocalypse:
1) They are efficient. When overpopulation begins to threaten the Earth’s vast population, Japan will be the only country to handle the overflow successfully.
2) They are competitive and well educated. Never a losing combo, my friends.
3) They live on an island. Isolation from an increasing desperate populous is key in surviving any apocalypse.
4) They have the best technology. And the best doctors. And the best entertainment. And the most earthquake resistant architecture.
5) They control the robots. Don’t believe me? Watch the Honda ASIMO robot run.

I say we should brush up on our anime and start learning Japanese if we want to survive! Muahahaha!

Apr. 23rd, 2009

Tech Failure

I am sitting at my laptop, wondering what the hell is screwing it up(it keeps flashing the blue screen of death and turning off). we are getting rid of uneeded programs and reinstalling a few security ones at the moment. Also, my 'u' key is broken and has to be domestically abused every time you need it. And to top it all off, my keeps jumping into various words and lines, effectively making every paragraph an unreadable jumble if you don't keep an eye on it every second you're touching the keyboard.
All that combined with the fact my computer is sullied by windows vista is making me want to scrap it and buy a new one with linux, etc. On the plus side, it is allowing me to post this and it has a built-in webcam. Lacking the extra money to buy another one(and a new one for ow3n), we are just going to try to fix this one. . . somehow.